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LABA Douala | Free Academy of Fine Arts

The innovative alternative of artistic education in Douala

LABA Douala is the project promoted by LABA | Free Avademy of Fine Arts - Brescia and the Association Centro Orientamento Educativo (COE) following a study carried out in 2013 under  Roberto Dolzanelli (Founder and Director LABA) and COE represented by Rosa Scandella (President COE), Georges Alex Mbarga (COE Representative in Cameroon), Paul-Henri Souvenir Assako Assako (Researcher in History of Art at the Department of Art and Archaeology, University of Yaoundé 1, Didactic Director  IFA | Institut de Formation Artistique de Mbalmayo).
LABA and COE believed it was interesting to establish a partnership aimed at developing an academic educational project of excellence based on their international experience in the sector of education and culture.
LABA Douala is a place of education of young people and adults motivated to qualify their inclinations in the world of creativity, developing talent and skills with  the aim of building up high profile professionals in the sector of design, multimedia graphics and fashion.

The Free Academy of Fine Arts, with the Departments of Visual Arts with the schools of Visual Arts and  Decoration specializing in Interior Decoration and Urban Design; with the Department of Communication and the Didactics of Art with the school of Education and Didactics of Art; with the Departments of Design and Applied Arts with the schools of  Restoration, Set Design, with the specialization Dramatic Arts and Performing Arts, of Set Design with the specialization of Cinema, Audiovisual and Multimedia, Design with specialization in Fashion, Graphic Design and Multimedia, Design, Photography and New Technologies, with the two year degrees in Visual Arts and Performing Disciplines, with the school of Visual Arts, Set Design, Photography-Video and Post Production,  Graphic Design and Multimedia with the specialization in 3D Animation,  Graphic Design and Multimedia with the specialization in  Web & App Design,  Industrial and Research Design;  Interior and Urban Design; Cinema and  Audiovisual, is qualified as a higher Institute of Artistic Education, which can merge the solidity of tradition with the innovative force of the most advanced artistic research.
Central location LABA Brescia: Via Don G. Vender, 66 - 25127
Annex LABA Production: Stazione Ferroviaria
Peripheral locations: LABA Trentino, LABA Florence, LABA Rimini.
info@laba.edu | www.laba.edu

The Centro Orientamento Educativo  association(COE), founded by Don Francesco Pedretti in 1959, works to develop a culture of dialogue and solidarity. In 1974 it was recognized as a NGO qualified for international cooperation. It supports projects in Cameroon, D. R.. Congo, Bangladesh and Guatemala in the sectors of education, training, health, culture, exploiting local natural resources, agriculture and food security.
In Italy, COE promotes projects and actions of Education on Global Citizenship; has organized since 1991 the Festival of African, Asian and Latin American Cinema  in Milan and promotes films, music, exhibitions and performances by authors and artists from the three continents.
It is engaged in activities promoting national and international voluntary work;  COE is also accredited for operating Civil Service in Italy and abroad (ages 18-29).
In Italy it is present in Barzio LC, Lecco, Esino Lario LC, Milan, Saronno VA, Santa Caterina Valfurva SO, Rome.
Since 1974 it has been a member of   FOCSIV - Federazione Organismi Cristiani Servizio Internazionale Volontario.
The President of Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, on March 19th, 2016 visited the centre of COE in Mbalmayo, on the occasion of the state visit in Cameroon.
Registered office COE: Via Milano, 4 Barzio - 23816 LC

coebarzio@coeweb.org | www.coeweb.org
ANNUAL REPORT 2016 (in french)