Our courses

Our courses

Who can study at the LABA in Douala ?
The Academy is open to everyone holding a BAC,  GCE Level our an equivalent or higher university diploma recognized by the MINESUP in Cameroon.

Number of places available annually at the LABA

50 places divided as follows: Design 15 | Graphic design and Multimedia 20 | Fashion Design 15
Conditions of admission

  • A pre-enrolment with reservation (between January and September). Fill in an identification form at LABA or sent an application for pre-enrolment to the email addresses of the Administration or Director of the academy.
  • Make an application (before the end of September) that can be completed after publication of the students accepted for the new Academic Year. Requirements for the application: leter of motivation with choice of Departments in order of preference + photocopy of BAC or other equivalent university or higher diploma recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education of Cameroon + school reports/marks from the last school attended + photocopy of birth certificate + two photos 4x4 (taken at LABA).
Interview (applicant is invited).

The applications can be sent electronically to the following email addresses
labasecretariat@yahoo.fr - direction.laba@yahoo.com
or delivered to the Administration of the Academy.

Certificates and diplomas awarded by LABA Douala

The academic curriculum of the students includes three years of study in Cameroon to obtain a Professional Degree and two years at one of the poles of LABA in Italy to prepare a Master’s degree.

Part 1
Professional courses

  • - Design
  • - Interior design
  • - 3D CAD
  • - Graphics
  • - Photography 
  • - Graphic design
  • - 4D Cinema
  • - Electronic video
  • - Web Design
  • - Fashion design
  • - Accessory design
  • - Basic computer studies
  • - Italian
  • - English

Part 2