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Photo Exhibition. The Encounter. Pictures by LABA Brescia and LABA Douala’ students
October 12th - 15th 2017, MO.CA. Brescia - 1st Festival della Missione

Curated by: Giovanna Magri, Paul-Henri Souvenir Assako Assako, Prashanth Cattaneo, Silvia Quadrini
Testimonial Giovanni Gastel
The exhibition presents pictures realized by the students from LABA Brescia and Douala Department of Photography, entitled "The Encounter".

Young Italians and Cameroonians confront themselves on this wide and universal concept evoking its various sides connected to the concept of being human: the beginning of every relationship, love, friendship, help and dialogue. Besides, the encounter is presented as an actual fact, something tangible because detected with senses.
The young artists explore this theme humanly important and modern, that needs fresher looks, interpretations, reflections that can express its plural meaning continuously changing.
Attention is paid also to personal identity, life settings, the culture that contaminates relations. The pictures then represent a resource to bring to the exhibition objective: to steer the viewer toward a profound reflection on the intensity of human values.